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What is Rest in HIM alone?

Rest in Him alone is a call for action for the youth.


With hopes to encourage and inspire others. We want to see the love of God being share and see people engaged in their relationship with God.


With focus on what unites us; a God who loves us. We want the youth to be able to walk beside each other on the this journey of faith. To deepen our relationship with God and introduce those that don't, to the one who loves us more than we know.


Our prayer is that you would find a home here and get connected to the growing body of believers that are emerging in this generation. We have an unwavering passion to equip people for life and help them discover God’s design for their journey. We invite you to our events to experience ...


Our Coffee House events are for our youth. These events empower youth to take the reality of Jesus to the world around them. We are passionate about impacting the youth with the tangible love of Jesus.

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